Harry Morgan and the Croker Cove Club

Harry Morgan lives on a remote island  off of Northern Australia. He is a smart and savvy young man who is one of the first Dolphin Project Youth Ambassadors. We will be introducing you to the other Youth Ambassadors in the coming days and weeks. – Ric O’Barry


Harry Morgan

Dolphin Project Youth Ambassador Harry Morgan

A few weeks ago I started a Cove Club at my school. We live on Croker Island so we are called “Croker Cove Club.”
We watched the movie The Cove and my friends were very upset about what is happening in Taiji. One of my friends said “There is too much sadness and too many lies”. I think she is right. Everyone said they were shocked by what was happening. They also think dolphins should be free to live in the ocean.

It would be great if more kids started a Cove club in their school. We need to get more kids involved to speak up about Taiji and the cruelty of keeping marine life in captivity. I’m so proud of the Youth Cove Monitors that arrived in Taiji, Japan yesterday.

Please start a club if you can.

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About Harry Morgan

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Hi! My name is Harry and I am 10 years old.
I have one cat named Oscar. He is black and white and sleeps on my bed.
I like to play computer games, play outside with my friends and jump on the trampoline.
When I grow up I would like to be a vet.
I like seeing dolphins and whales in the wild. I want to stop people killing them and putting them in captivity.

Author: Harry Morgan


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