Keep Kuwait’s Scientific Center Expansion Dolphin-Free!

By the very nature of the term, Kuwait’s “scientific center” should preclude the keeping of dolphins in captivity. Yet, this is exactly what their expansion plans seem to entail, with the proposed installation of a dolphinarium.

According to what Dolphin Project has learned, over the next three years, a new dolphinarium is slated to be built as part of an expansion to The Scientific Center, Kuwait, a facility which serves as a center for environmental education in the Persian Gulf. With much of the world shunning keeping these sentient beings in manmade enclosures, where they are no longer free to make their own decisions and choices, this would be a definite backwards move.

Captive dolphin encounters only serve to perpetuate our utilitarian perception of nature. It’s a form of BAD education.” ~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

Due to the unnatural conditions under which captive dolphins survive, the very qualities which make dolphins – DOLPHINS – are stripped away from them. From foraging for prey to engaging in social interactions; from swimming many miles each day to exploring, and interacting with their wild world – NONE of these things can be recreated in manmade environments, no matter how sophisticated the enclosure or technology. With the true natures of these mammals suppressed, what we’re left with are caricatures, whose lives consist of correctly executing dictated behaviors in order to be fed.

This isn’t living, nor is it “natural” or “scientific.”

We encourage The Scientific Center, Kuwait to rethink their expansion plans, and take a stand against keeping dolphins and other whales in captivity. The center instead, should welcome being a visionary by taking a strong ethical position against such outdated practices, and will be met with international praise for doing so.


Sign/share the petition “Say NO to Dolphins at the Kuwait Scientific Center

Petition: Say NO to Dolphins at the Kuwait Scientific Center

Petition: Say NO to Dolphins at the Kuwait Scientific Center

Take the Pledge to NOT Buy a Ticket to a Dolphin Show

Take The Pledge to Not Visit a Dolphin Show!

Featured image: captive bottlenose dolphin, Taiji Whale Museum, Japan

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It might be true that we don't recall many moments from our early years. However, Cara's first memory of a dolphin had her begging her parents to ask the trainer to let the dolphin go! The problem with captivity was evident to her, even as a 4 year-old child.

A writer by trade, Cara has researched, investigated and documented dolphins suffering in captivity. From documenting dolphins incarcerated in buildings, cut-off from fresh air, sunlight and normal socialization to researching cases of animals imprisoned in solitary confinement, Cara is a dedicated dolphin welfare advocate.

It is her belief that education equals empowerment. The more information shared, the better our choices and knowledge of how to act as a positive and respectful voice for dolphins across the world.

Cara is based out of Canada and makes time whenever possible to observe dolphins in their natural environments. She is writing her first fiction novel but knowing her, the marine world will play a prominent role in her book!

"The use of animals for entertainment is nothing more than an abuse of dominance. Some of the most sentient species on the planet have been exploited to incomprehensible levels, all due to their inherent benevolence. Ironic, considering that we turn to the abused themselves for displays of humanity."
~ Cara Sands

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