The SeaWorld Show Must NOT Go On!

Just ask 13 year-old Rose McCoy, who, for the second year in a row, jumped the barricades and disrupted the SeaWorld float during the 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Although activists unsuccessfully petitioned to have the SeaWorld float, titled “Waves of Conservation,” removed from the parade, McCoy and others held signs in protest of SeaWorld.

There is nothing educational about keeping dolphins imprisoned in concrete tanks, cut-off from fresh air, sunlight, natural rhythms of the sea, normal socialization and the complete sensory experience living in the wild provides. There are no “waves of conservation” gained by creating fictitious sets where dolphins are mere props to be made fun of, or gawked at.

Says national TV journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell: “Social media is the key to ending animal exploitation. Everyone can spread this. Everyone can be media 4 animals.”

Watch the video here:

FREE WORLD, not SeaWorld!

Video: Jane Velez-Mitchell/Jane Unchained

Photo: Twitter/Jeff Ventre Screenshot

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It might be true that we don't recall many moments from our early years. However, Cara's first memory of a dolphin had her begging her parents to ask the trainer to let the dolphin go! The problem with captivity was evident to her, even as a 4 year-old child.

A writer by trade, Cara has researched, investigated and documented dolphins suffering in captivity. From documenting dolphins incarcerated in buildings, cut-off from fresh air, sunlight and normal socialization to researching cases of animals imprisoned in solitary confinement, Cara is a dedicated dolphin welfare advocate.

It is her belief that education equals empowerment. The more information shared, the better our choices and knowledge of how to act as a positive and respectful voice for dolphins across the world.

Cara is based out of Canada and makes time whenever possible to observe dolphins in their natural environments. She is writing her first fiction novel but knowing her, the marine world will play a prominent role in her book!

"The use of animals for entertainment is nothing more than an abuse of dominance. Some of the most sentient species on the planet have been exploited to incomprehensible levels, all due to their inherent benevolence. Ironic, considering that we turn to the abused themselves for displays of humanity."
~ Cara Sands

Author: Cara Sands


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