Celebrities Cancel Mirage Hotel Gigs Over Dolphins

An educated consumer is a dolphin’s best friend” ~ Ric O’Barry

Performing dolphins are simply not entertainment. Speaking of which, several well-known entertainment acts are refusing to perform at venues which hold captive dolphins. Last year, musicians including Willie Nelson, Heart and the Barenaked Ladies withdrew their participation from SeaWorld’s music series.

And now, the “Blackfish effect” continues, with Joe Rogan, stand-up comedian, actor, martial artist and sports commentator recently refusing to perform at the Mirage Resort and Casino’s well-known venue, the Terry Fator Theatre.

People know I hate dolphins in captivity, it’s nuts, and people have asked me not to perform there,” ~ Joe Rogan
* Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, September 14, 2015

bottlenose dolphin, the Mirage Las Vegas

Dolphin showing signs of poxvirus. Photo courtesy of Free The Mojave Dolphins.

Joe Rogan isn’t the first entertainer to refuse to do business with The Mirage. Matt Sorum, Guns N’ Roses drummer and Dolphin Project Ambassador had this to say about why he chose not to hold his wedding at the venue:

“I was offered to do my wedding with my wife, Ace, at The Mirage three years ago, but turned them down due to the suffering of the dolphins kept there. To think about these magical creatures in the middle of the desert forced to perform and swim with humans for entertainment…It didn’t feel like a place we wanted to celebrate our most special day. The Mirage needs to close this dolphin abusement facility immediately. The desert and/or a swimming pool is no place for dolphins. Please boycott The Mirage Hotel.”

The tables have turned. Dolphins are literally keeping people away from businesses which insist on using them for profit. Therefore, doesn’t it seem fitting for corporations to adopt more modern business plans?

Here’s a list of the entertainment scheduled to perform at the Mirage from September to December of this year. It’s time all these talented acts showed their support for the welfare and well-being of dolphins by not supporting institutions which keep them in captivity. Plain and simple.

According to the Free The Mojave Dolphins Campaign, comedian Nick Swardson, who is scheduled to perform October 9, has agreed to look into the effects of dolphin captivity at The Mirage.

I think it’s a form of slavery, I really do. I think it’s slavery, and kidnapping,” ~ Joe Rogan
* Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, September 14, 2015

Let’s keep the positive momentum going by reaching out to talent performing anywhere where captive dolphins are held, and ask that entertainment be kept entertaining, with no harm coming to dolphins or humans in the process!

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: “How can I help?” The answer is pretty straightforward: Take the pledge that you won’t buy a ticket to a dolphin show.

Click here to Take The Pledge

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