Where is this Dolphin’s Teeth?

Welcome to the reality of dolphin captivity. Pictured is one of four wild-caught bottlenose dolphins held captive at Wake Bali Adventure, in Keramas, Indonesia. Used in swim-with programs, the mammals have been kept since 2014 in highly-chlorinated pools, directly beside the open ocean. Our team in Indonesia took this photograph where it would appear all the dolphin’s teeth have been filed down to blunt pegs.

Bottlenose dolphin with severely blunted teeth in swim-with program, Wake Bali, Indonesia Credit: DolphinProject.com

Bottlenose dolphin with severely blunted teeth in swim-with program, Wake Bali, Indonesia, Credit: DolphinProject.com

Wake Bali Adventure interactive dolphin programs

Wake Bali Adventure interactive dolphin programs
Source: screen capture, Wake Resto & Dolphin

[They] may give you a dorsal pull and/or a foot push maybe even both, a kiss, a dance, perhaps you will get a splash or two and have a real up-close experience. This experience will be more than enough to give you memories to last a lifetime.”* *Source: Wake Bali Dolphin

Swim-with-dolphins programs are based on a reward system. Dolphins don’t interact with people because they want to make “memories,” rather, these are learned behaviors where the mammals are trained to perform in order that they get fed. And accidents do occur. All it takes is for one manhandled dolphin to have an off day, to turn a dream into a nightmare. We theorize that in order to prevent patrons from being injured, the dolphins’ teeth are being mechanically blunted. The owners of Wake Bali have maintained the “…dolphin lost its teeth due to age,” which is a blatant lie.

Indonesia is home to many operations involving illegally-caught dolphins, including the horrific traveling circuses, where dolphins are carted from city to city and forced to perform. To circumvent existing laws preventing the deliberate capture of dolphins, local fishermen capture the dolphins in the cover of darkness, claiming they were rescued from fishing nets.

Traveling dolphin circus, Indonesia

Traveling dolphin circus, Indonesia Credit: DolphinProject.com

Dolphin Project has launched a major campaign in Indonesia to close these exploitative operations including a graffiti & mural art initiative, electronic billboards throughout Indonesia, digital ads at the Bali airport and a traveling educational puppet show. Just last month, after many protests against the horrific traveling dolphin circuses in Balikpapan, the Mayor of Balikpapan City, Rizal Effendi undersigned a commitment to no longer allow any animal shows in the city, and keep it free from any forms of animal exploitation. This is a wonderful start but we need your help to keep the dolphins of Indonesia wild and free!

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It might be true that we don't recall many moments from our early years. However, Cara's first memory of a dolphin had her begging her parents to ask the trainer to let the dolphin go! The problem with captivity was evident to her, even as a 4 year-old child.

A writer by trade, Cara has researched, investigated and documented dolphins suffering in captivity. From documenting dolphins incarcerated in buildings, cut-off from fresh air, sunlight and normal socialization to researching cases of animals imprisoned in solitary confinement, Cara is a dedicated dolphin welfare advocate.

It is her belief that education equals empowerment. The more information shared, the better our choices and knowledge of how to act as a positive and respectful voice for dolphins across the world.

Cara is based out of Canada and makes time whenever possible to observe dolphins in their natural environments. She is writing her first fiction novel but knowing her, the marine world will play a prominent role in her book!

"The use of animals for entertainment is nothing more than an abuse of dominance. Some of the most sentient species on the planet have been exploited to incomprehensible levels, all due to their inherent benevolence. Ironic, considering that we turn to the abused themselves for displays of humanity."
~ Cara Sands

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