Save Japan Dolphins

2014/2015 Taiji drive hunt season.

A total of 1,938 animals from seven species are allowed for the season. They are: 

114 short-finned pilot whales, 450 striped dolphins, 509 bottlenose dolphins, 261 Risso’s dolphins, 400 Pantropical spotted dolphins, 70 false killer whales & 134 Pacific white-sided dolphins.


The dolphins are killed for their meat, which contains high levels of PCB’s. This meat is distributed to schools and sold in local grocery stores. Read More about the dangers of Mercury here


The “best” dolphins are captured and taken into a life of captivity.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions here.


Our Dolphin Project Cove Monitor Team is on the ground in Taiji throughout the hunting season. All of our updates are in realtime.

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