Free Bali Dolphins

Dolphins are being illegally caught from the Java Sea by local fisherman, employed- and provided with necessary materials- by those making huge profits from captive dolphin attractions throughout Indonesia, especially Bali.

In order to avoid existing laws prohibiting the deliberate capture of dolphins, the fishermen capture the dolphins at night, and claim the dolphins were habscued from entanglement in fishing nets (exploiting a loop hole in the Law on Biodiversity, Number 5- ‘Existing Laws and Regulations’).

Dolphins trapped in captivity at Wake, Bali.

Dolphins trapped in captivity at Wake, Bali.

Once captured, they are taken to Wersut Seguni Indonesia (WSI) – a holding centre for dolphins in Central Java- WSI then sell the dolphins to other facilities.

Evidence exists to show this is being supported by the forestry departments (particularly those in central Java (BKSDA Jateng) and in Bali (BKSDA Bali)). In Dec 2012, three dolphins had been captured in Jepara area to be sold to a circus. This illegal capture was permitted by the head of the local forestry department, Bpk Cristianto, by providing a document stating the dolphin was ‘rescued from a fisherman’s net’.

Dirty dolphin sea pens in Bali. Photo:

Dirty dolphin sea pens in Bali. Photo:

More recently, in 2014, four dolphins were caught in the Java Sea and are now confined to a ‘swim-with dolphins’ swimming pool in Keramas (Bali).

Camp Lumba Lumba

Camp Lumba Lumba Dolphin Rehabilitation Facility


The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project staff have been working closely with the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) to lobby the Indonesian government to release the dolphins, many of whom were illegally poached from their ocean homes.  JAAN and Dolphin Project have constructed a sea pen and facility (Camp Lumba Lumba), where the dolphins would be rehabilitated and released back to the wild using Ric O’Barry’s protocol. It’s the first permanent rehab/release facility of its kind.


Dolphin Project’s Readaption & Release Facility in Indonesia




Dolphins Don't Belong in Captivity

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