Dolphin Project In The News

Dolphin Project In the News



Dolphins are made to jump through rings of FIRE before being hauled from the water and crammed into tiny boxes in disturbing footage of Indonesian traveling circus  – 12/9/16 Daily Mail

Dolphins Beat Each Other Up Because They’re So Stressed In Tiny Tank  – 12/8/16 The Dodo

Maisie Williams: Stop going to dolphin shows  – 12/2/16 The Associated Press

Dolphins Stolen From Wild Cry In Half-Empty Tanks At ‘Museum’  – 11/15/16 The Dodo

South Pacific Nation Frees Dolphins Destined for Captivity  – 11/9/16 TakePart

Manby-Pacelle Pact: Hot Air and Hollow Words On Dolphin Drives  – 10/4/16 The Huffington Post

The Cove Hunt Is On Again, Which Means Dolphins Are in Danger – 9/4/16 Take Part

Thousands rally against dolphin hunting as the Japanese season begins – 9/1/16 KIRO 7 News Seattle

This Badass 7-Year-Old Dolphin Activist Met With the Mayor of Taiji to Get Him to End the Hunts – 9/1/16 One Green Planet

I-Team: San Francisco joins worldwide protests of Japan’s ‘Dolphin Killing Season’ – 09/1/16 ABC 7 News San Francisco

Dolphin Project On The Ground As Taiji’s Hunting Season Begins – 09/1/16 The Huffington Post

Japanese dolphin hunts to begin as thousands set to demonstrate around the world – 09/1/16 International Business Times

The Power of Presence: Turn Up In London For The Killing Cove Dolphins
 – 08/30/16 The Huffington Post

Humans and dolphins are so similar – when will we stop persecuting them?
 – 08/30/16 The Guardian

Dolphin Freed From Tank Spotted In The Wild – With A Newborn Baby – 08/22/16 The Dodo

Thanks but no tanks: why you should say no to dolphin shows – 08/20/16 Mojo News

Tourists Tricked into Swimming with Dolphins in Notorious ‘Cove’ – 08/19/16 The Dodo

INTERVIEW: Dolphin Protection Activist Says Japanese Government Is ‘Biggest Criminal’ – 06/29/16 The News Lens International Edition

After life in captivity, dolphins to undergo sea change – 06/14/16 PBS

Dolphin Defender Has Changed the Way the World Thinks – 06/15/16 PETA

SeaWorld orca filmed ‘slamming head against gate while being held in small pool’ – 04/27/16 Mirror Online

New Footage Shows SeaWorld Orca Slamming Against Gate Over And Over – 04/26/16 The Dodo

Breaking: Officials Confirm Taiji Drive Season Over – 03/03/16 The Huffington Post

CNN Video: The Massacre of Dolphins – 02/25/16 CNN

Video: Univision Planeta Interviews Ric O’Barry – 02/08/16 Univision Planeta

Exclusive: Dolphin Activist Ric O’Barry Deported, But Continues to Inform the World of Taiji Slaughters – 02/08/16 One Green Planet

Japan deports star of Oscar-winning dolphin documentary – 02/5/16 Associated Press

My Husband Is Being Detained In Japan For Protecting Dolphins – 01/27/16 Huffington Post

Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he’s a ‘political prisoner’ – 01/26/16 Reuters

The fate of a dolphin activist in Japan’s flawed democracy – 01/26/16 Japan Times

Star of dolphin-hunting film ordered deported from Japan – 01/22/16 Associated Press

Exclusive: Dolphin Activist and Star of ‘The Cove’ Detained in Tokyo – 01/21/16 One Green Planet

Oscar-winning star of anti-dolphin hunt documentary Ric O’Barry held in Tokyo – 01/20/16 CNN

CNN Video: Global Dolphin Activist Ric O’Barry Detained in Japan – 01/19/16 CNN

Congress Member Asks State Department to Help Dolphin Activist Held in Japan – 01/19/16 Take Part

Star of film about dolphin killing detained at Tokyo airport – 01/19/16 The Associated Press

We Can Be Heroes – 01/13/16 The Huffington Post U.K.

David Bowie hailed ‘ultimate animal hero’ for allowing song to be whaling protest anthem – 01/12/16 Express


Huddling together in fear, a pod of pilot whales circle one another after dolphin hunters at Japan’s infamous Taiji cove round them up for slaughter – 11/20/15 Daily Mail Online

Terrified Whale Family Huddles Together As Hunters Close In – 11/19/15 The Dodo

Do Animals Commit Suicide? – 11/18/15 The Dodo

Dolphin cull protesters daub hands in blood-red paint at Japan Embassy demo – 10/17/15 Western Morning News

Blood stained seas: Horrifying reality of dolphin slaughter exposed – 10/17/15 Express

The Horrifying Truth Behind Dolphin Shows – 9/24/15 The Huffington Post

Watch What a Frightened Dolphin Does to Escape Hunters in Taiji – 9/13/15 RYOT

Terrified Dolphin Throws Himself At Man’s Feet To Escape Hunters – 9/11/15 The Dodo

4 Badass People Who Are Changing the Way We View Marine Captivity – 9/11/15 One Green Planet

Activist Ric O’Barry Freed by Japanese Cops at Start of Dolphin Hunt – 9/1/15 NBC News

Dolphin Season Starts in Wakayama; ‘The Cove’ Activist Arrested – 9/1/15 The Wall Street Journal

Will Harry Styles’ Words Force SeaWorld to Close? – 7/11/15 RYOT

Victory! World’s Top Zoo Association Kicks Japan Out Over Cruel Dolphin Drives – 4/24/15 Care2

Japan Dolphin Hunt Dealt Big Blow – 4/23/15 TakePart

Cautiverio de delfines es igual a prostitucion : O’Barry – 1/30/15 El Universal

Activist sees public shift on dolphins in captivity – 1/12/15 AP

Petition to End “Swimming With Dolphins” Programs Hits the Internet – 1/12/15 Palm Beach New Times

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