Youth Ambassadors

Interested in becoming a Dolphin Project Youth Ambassador?

Our program is full of passionate, dedicated, unique young people who are fighting for animal rights. We want people who can commit time, mentor others, fight for what they know is right, and give us feedback on campaigns, ideas, and more.

Do you have what it takes? Here’s what we are looking for!

  1. Create a project of your own choosing that provides information about dolphin captivity to your class, friends, or community. It can be an art project, video, info booth, fundraiser, or anything else you decide!
  2. Share your project! If it’s art or media-based, share it onto social media or consider making a website. If it’s community-based, come up with your plan to host an event– get your friends and family involved, too!
  3. Tell us how others can do the same thing! Create instructions and tips so that your project can be a model for others.
  4. Take pictures and share what you did with Dolphin Project. We will review and select Youth Ambassadors based on project submissions. Our review process takes place 3 times a year. Those who are selected will be featured on our website and social media pages!

Also check out this great resource written by one of our Youth Ambassadors: A Young Activist’s Toolbox.

Youth Ambassadors will be given access to a Facebook group so that they can share ideas and inspiration, as well as hear from some of our Cove Monitors and other staff. They’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on larger nationwide projects together.

Dolphin Project educators and staff are here to help you with information and answer questions. Message us at [email protected] !

Current Youth Ambassadors:

Kids Speak Out For Dolphins

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